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Each year, termites invade millions of homes, causing billions of dollars in damage that’s rarely covered by homeowners insurance. While they’re found in every state except Alaska, they are a significant threat here in the Southeast. It’s not a matter of if your home will encounter termites but when, making termite control a necessity. A thorough termite inspection and home evaluation by a licensed termite extermination professional is the first step in protecting your investment from these ravenous pests.

Offering unsurpassed termite bonds since 1964, Stark Exterminators goes Beyond the Call® to protect your family’s health and property while caring for our environment. Today, Stark Exterminators is proud to offer state of the art termite pest control solutions through our STEPS® Total Protection System™. STEPS utilizes our expertise in Integrated Pest Management for termite control and extermination combined with the most advanced technology available to provide industry-leading termite protection.

The Humane Animal Control Solution

Critter Control has introduced CritterSafe, the most humane animal removal alternative for residential and commercial property owners. Our CritterSafe exclusion, no-trap wildlife removal and on-site release wildlife services use humane wildlife handling techniques that go the extra mile to protect wild animals.

Depending on your unique wildlife problem, these include:

Non-lethal animal removal

No-trap animal control

Wildlife release on-site

One-way doors to minimize stress

We offer a complete home inspection and detection service to identify potential wildlife entry points and prevent opportunistic animals from damaging your home or business in the future.

CritterSafe Removal Services

Every situation is unique. We create a custom wildlife removal plan to effectively solve the nuisance animal problem.

Species-specific no-trap animal removal techniques featuring one-way doors and excluders

Species-specific humane animal traps strategically placed and baited

Humane animal handling, safe harborage, and reuniting of offspring with parents/siblings

Eco-friendly animal repellents and deterrent techniques to discourage return

Professional-grade animal proofing: animal entry and exit holes, identified problem areas, roof vents, chimneys, plumbing-vent pipes, exhaust vents, decks, porches, garages, and more.

Consumer awareness and education regarding follow-up procedures